Commissions are CLOSED! Wait List Available

As stated on my twit longer, I am taking a break from commissions to reset my creative mind + for my mental health. I will resume commissions sometime during the first week of January 2021. Thank you for your understanding, happy new year 🙂

After discussing and coming to an agreement on what you’d want made, I will send you a paypal invoice. Please note, a 5% invoice tax is applied. After I have received the payment, you will officially be added to the Current Queue Line.

As of December 2020, if you are interested in getting overlays done, I will add you to the wait list. Right now, my top priority is finishing paid commissions or paid expedited ones! Unfortunately my grandfather passed in September, so I am about a month or so behind on commissions. I promise you, the wait is worth it. I believe in producing dope overlays, that give you the extra confidence when streaming. Thank you ❤

Offline + Panels Package

Starts at $30 USD.

Animated Package

Starts at $110 USD.

  • Includes animated Start, BRB, Just Chatting, ​webcam overlay, and stinger.

The Complete Package

Save $10 off quoted total.

  • The full package is the Offline + Panels package AND the Animated package combined.​
  • Includes a bonus twitch & twitter banner.


$15-30 USD.

The more detailed the design, the increase in price.

Sub Badges

$15 USD per design, unless a simple colour change, then $5 USD each.

Offline Banner

Starts at $20 USD.


Starts at $15 USD.

Stinger / Transition

$20 USD.

Animated transition, for when you switch between scenes.

*better examples under portfolio

Social Media Loops

$20 USD.

Displays all your social media, in a forever loop​. Great for game capture scenes.

Animated Webcam Overlay

Starts at $20 USD.

Animated Start / BRB Scene

Starts at $30 USD.

If both start and brb are the same, minus change in text, then second charge is only $5 USD.​ If both start and brb are different, it’s $30 USD per scene.

Animated Just Chatting Overlay

Starts at $30 USD.